Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Promised Photos!

As promised, perhaps prematurely since they're technically a little bit late, here are fresh pictures.  My pictures, at least; Matt's will come in a little bit once he labels them the way he wants them to be labelled; I'd never dream of guessing his organizational process.  Today was rainy in a London kind of way, which means that it was kind of cloudy, one end of the sky grayer and cloudier than the other, and the tiniest drops of rain sort of mostly-misted towards the ground.  It was irritating, not debilitating, and yet, in a city where they say it pretty much always rains, everyone was like tiptoeing around with umbrellas and raingear like it only rains twice a year--like in Chicago, when during the first snow flurry, all the drivers flip the hell out.  Anyway, we stayed in and had a lazy Saturday.  It's called a lie-in here, by the way.  We lounged and are in the process of marathoning the first season of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a part of Sally and Rocky's collection; earlier, we ate some mac and cheese and potato croquettes and some ice cream, ran to Tesco's this time for some reasonable groceries, I almost went into crisis mode when we couldn't find my memory card for five minutes, and we've been petting the two cats.  Tomorrow, we might venture to the Burrough Market, I'm 99% sure that's the name, and then to nearby Charing Cross, famous for its bookstore after book stall after bookstore.  We're going to pick up two copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, so that we'll be fully up to speed for when the film releases within the month here.  What else?  Oh yeah, we found Jude Law doing Hamlet and As You Like It at the New Globe, so that's on the theatre menu for us!
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  1. Your theatre menu sounds delightful!!

  2. We are glad to see that you both properly appreciate the beauty and splendour of the Albert Memorial.
    (We're not stalkers, just serious fans of the A. M.)

  3. Jude Law in Hamlet?! SO jealous!!