Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bad timing...

So lets see, free accommodation in one of the cultural epicenters of the world. Check. Lots of places to see and explore, check. Mostly excellent weather, check. Extremely painful headache for the last three days running, despite treatment, check. Painful, wracking cough, check.

Zoe and I are both sick, which is why there haven't been any updates. See, in such a glorious city, with all this time on our hands, we've both felt like absolute hell. So we haven't really gone anywhere. I suppose that's not completely true, I ventured out of the house to investigate bookstores yesterday, but came home early because my stomach was upset. We've been laid out, miserable and irritable, and most of all irritable because we're on vacation. In London.

Fortunately the kitties have been good company and Zoe and I have been watching The West Wing, we've got plenty of books to read and hopefully this will go away soon. The plan at the moment is to head up to Edinburgh on Wednesday, spend a few days there and move on to Amsterdam, and we're starting to hash out the final details now. Oh yeah, and I've been weaning myself off of cigarettes. So send us happy thoughts, all you loyal readers.


  1. Love and healing vibes to you both!

  2. Hope you're feeling so much better!! Congrats on the cigarette weaning ... it is tough, but good!!