Monday, June 22, 2009

Quick Moment

Last night and today have been thoughtful days for Matt and me. We've been talking a lot about what we're doing here, in the bigger sense, and how people think we're crazy to travel (aka waste all our money) and then move (and never, ever find work EVER!), but we think it's the perfect time for all of this. We're young and it's all fresh, and there's no better time to do something a bit daft than when we don't have a mortgage and our jobs are the sort of jobs we can honestly do anyplace. More, this is an awesome opportunity for us to expand our worlds, to just see everything, anything, in a slightly or vastly different light, or to consider some small or gigantic aspect of something that's never crossed our minds before. For example, today we saw a movie and then afterwards, I went to the toilets (not a sort of rude phrase here, a little hard to get used to actually) and of course it was full and there was a line, but it was SILENT. A line of women, lots of them young, mostly clearly together, and there was no yelling or giggling or whatnot. That's never happened to me stateside. So, tiny stuff, and then bigger things, such as how hard it is, we feel, for us to be brave and step into someplace new and potentially exclusive and try to talk to people and meet them and find out about them, without being seen as... weird. We tried tonight, to go hear some local music, but the place was hot--and a little BO-ish--and packed and we thought, Ok, well, we tried, but we're claustrophobic, there's nowhere to sit, and everyone's all in their knitted community unit thingies. We're trying in a bigger city: Tomorrow, it's Derry!

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  1. I think you two are brilliant to know that this is the right moment in your lives to travel and move ... just as you said ... pre kids and mortgage! Besides ... I'm living vicariously through you two!!