Monday, June 15, 2009


We have arrived!! I hate multiple exclamation points--in a row, or more than one inside of the same stretch of ten pages... unless it's someone yelling in dialogue--but I'm using two here because I'm so excited. I'm also extremely tired. They call it jet lag, but I think it's a lot of stress and then not enough sleep and then running on adrenaline all day as we walked Dublin a bit.

To back up, the flight on Aer Lingus was super duper smooth, as was customs at both ends. Amazing. We even landed 45 minutes early, which put us to our hotel by 9:30 in the morning. Woah. Our room is nice, the bed is soft, and we did sleep, but even one night in a hotel is enough; we feel kind of like tourists. Well, I think we deserve the first night to be a bit luxurious, but it's all I really need. My feet hurt, too, but it was worth it; we saw, in no particular order (too tired): St Stephen's Green, Merrion Square, a bit of Temple Bar (where we had a lovely meal, but I'll leave its description to Matt, if he wants to pick up that ball), a stretch of Grafton St and had short, friendly exchanges with several people, including two Garda at two different times. Oh, Ireland! But still, it's a city; people don't look at each other, we heard Americans and people kind of stared at us. Don't know why.

I'm too muzzy to have more right now.

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