Monday, June 15, 2009

Little Update

So I read Matt's update and felt like I had done a guide-book summary of our day. I know it's fun to follow in our footsteps, to maybe look at a map and to see where we were walking, to imagine us here, holding hands and sitting on wet benches and taking pictures of random things.

But there's more, too, to the way the day felt for me. For me, the trip to the airport is the surreal part, this strange in-between land that makes me a little dazed. But once we boarded the plane and all the overly-made-up flight attendants talked with their lilt and one of them sat in front of us and started the "how's so-and-so and so-and-so and so-and-so?" with a girl on the flight whom she obviously knew, then it came to me: I'm going back. It's been hardly more than a year, but already I was relieved to be back. Not quite relieved to be gone in the way I think Matt's feeling, but just relieved to be back on this soil, in this land, with the greenery and the population that even in the touristy capital is still filled with people who will take the time. Other than the old lady at the pub where we had the pint, who clearly could care less about it all. But that's a picture of a type, too, so I'm okay.

Going to run out of internet time now, another hazard of being away from home. Less charming than the surly bartendress, I might add.

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