Monday, June 1, 2009

Learning from the mistakes before we make them...

Remarkably, Zoe and I came to our senses and realized that a.) its going to be bloody difficult to find someplace to camp in Northern Ireland and b.) neither of us is really looking forward to hiking with all of our bloody belongings on our back for two weeks and nearly 60 miles.

I feel that if we were only backpacking, that the sole purpose of the trip was to spend two weeks exploring the County Antrim on foot, we'd be better able to pack for it, and pack light enough that it wouldn't matter. But with all the other things we have planned on our first big adventure together, it makes more sense to nyx that part of the journey. So we'll go to Belfast for sure, and try and find some daytrips up to the Causeway and the Glens, possibly with an inexpensive youth hostel nearby. The plan for tomorrow is to visit the travel agents, show them our planned itinerary and request that they use their unique knowledge and wisdom to guide us in an appropriate direction.

And today was Zoe's last day of work, poetically enough two weeks to the day that we leave, and she is tremendously excited. I suppose that I should really be panicking more than I am, but its only just now starting to feel real, now that both of us are off work, stepping out of that daily grind and into something mythic. These moments are foundations in our lives, and its so rare that you get to closely examine them, actually plan them out. It helps though, being armed with the knowledge that there is always someone at your side, always someone who will get your back. I know that alone, I am strong, but together we are stronger, just as I know that alone, I am fiercely determined, but together we are unstoppable.

Really is quite exciting, isn't all this?

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