Thursday, May 28, 2009

Footsteps towards the Emerald Isle

We begin our trek on June 14th, flying from O'Hare in Chicago into Dublin, arriving in Dublin at 8:30am the 15th. The plan for the first day? Well...both the Guiness Brewery and Jameson Distillery are in Dublin, and within walking distance of each other. So my plan is to enjoy the finest beverages Dublin City has to offer, wander through Phoenix Park and soak it all in.

From there, we head to Galway to begin our walk along the Connemara Coast, through the Maumturk Mountains and the Twelve Bens, and to Crough Patrick until we reach Westport. From Westport we're trying to find a way to Derry in Northern Ireland, up to Bushmill's and Castle Dunluce. The theory after that is to hike about 80km from Bushmill's along the Causeway Coast to the Giant's Causeway and down through the Glens of Antrim until we reach Belfast. That's the entirety of our trip to Ireland so far, which will be about three weeks.

After that, its off to London, Amsterdam and beyond...

In the meantime, we've begun packing and hashing out the final details of the plan, that Zoe and I. Pairing down how much gear we're going to need for the hiking/camping parts, getting ourselves psyched up to go, and Zoe is finishing out her last week of work.

Extremely bloody exciting, this whole travel thing, and yet slightly nerve-wracking and maybe I've been panicking a little.

Ta for now.

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