Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Virgin Post

So here is my virgin post at the Cat & Coyote. I don't know that anyone reading will find proof of me being cunning, but I'll attempt to be anything but bland. The two of us have been dreaming about this first trip--three months in Europe, unless something money-burning or money-accumulating should befall us--for a really long time. Of course, we didn't make the decision to actually do it and pick a time frame until after I got back from my trip last May to Europe with a friend of mine... and until we got engaged. And I don't know that we've really plan-planned yet. Although we have tickets and we've signed up for an eight-day self-guided walking tour of Connemara, in western Ireland.

I apologize if Matt's already covered this, but I haven't read anything but his first miniature post yet.

We have a vague plan for the rest of the trip. And me, being me, made a little strange timeline to try to figure out how long we might stay in each place and what the longest or shortest trip we could do, and so on. So I have options and choices, and Matt's going to do some research while I finish up my last days of work.

I have to add that I'm well aware that this sounds fun but crazy.

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  1. Its almost here. Go forth and get to exploring the world. I'll be keeping my eye on you guys. So blog away! Give me somethin to read while I toil away behind my desk talking to the mindless masses of evil participants. Good luck. I'm still looking to get up there before you leave. Cross your fingers.