Monday, May 18, 2009


I had a dream that I became a vampire, which would only make sense seeing as how I'm trying to write a novel filled with the buggers. So in this dream, I was turned into a vampire and all sorts of new, glorious vampire friends and vampire tricks. It was interesting, the way my subconscious mind rendered the vampire mythos. I was undead, but could eat and drink, could teleport limited distances in line-of-sight, probably had some other nifty powers that I didn't get to find out about. My flesh was ice to the touch, and I had no breath or heartbeat, but if I concentrated, then I could revive those things, if only for a little while.

The catch was that I was 'dead' to everyone else. But bugger that, I had a wife. And I hadn't realized just how long I'd been gone, until I discovered that she had been mourning me for nearly half a year. I also found out that my grandmother was quite literally a witch and had me kicked out of the house, which was conveniently the time my alarm went off and woke me from bizarre slumber.

Never one to really read into dreams beyond ideas for stories, I think this presents some interesting concepts for a story. Alternating perspectives, the husband and wife...the mourning process for both of them, do they co-exist as vampire and human, or does he bring her across?

I'll have to talk to Zoe about that one....

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